Saturday, 8 December 2012

Low mood still not shifting. Dreading with their dad's. Lovely for them, lonely for me (poor me! what a gloomy moo I've become!). No job after April I think...despite the work I do being needed... What's not helped is the boyfriend's ex being her usual psycho self - she has written a letter to the CSA accusing me of all sorts of fraud and misbehaviour....tedious and boring to deal with, but also horribly stressful. All the stuff she has said is patiently untrue.Boyfriend is like a rabbit in headlights as she has put loads of stuff in her letter about him too, again all untrue. I think she has a personality disorder or at the very least a very unhealthy obsession with the man who left her 9 years ago. I've asked the boyfriend to get legal advice but he is so fed up with it all, he is sticking his head in the sand and hoping it all goes away. I fear that this latest drama will be the end of us. I can excuse most of his behaviour and his lack of consideration but this? How much more can I take? Not much more I think. Hmmmm.