Sunday, 2 January 2011

Another year,another strop!

So. Another Christmas, another new year. 2010 - gone in the blink of an eye. Time gets faster as you get older my mother used to I rolled my oh-so young eyeballs and wished she'd get her permed head out of my space....

Well zip on 25 years and I see the same expression on my darling daughters face. An expression I could cheerfully smack off said teen's face. However, as a, (yest my cheeks burn red when I use this title) Parenting Professional, I know that this is not the correct response. What is the correct response to a 17 year old lazy bones who spends all of her time on Facebook, BBMing, watching shite on Living TV, while NOT revising for her first AS level exam in January or actually doing anything meaningful?

She had a major strop lasting TWO DAYS when I said that her boyfriend could stay over on NYE, but he had to sleep in her brother's room. OMG. Lots of abuse and 'everyone elses parents allow them to sleep with their boyfriends' at 90 decibels, with tears. My useless ex-hub couldn't see what my problem was (see previous posts..) but 'hey,it's your house so I guess it's your rules'. Too fekking right you useless fecker! (and what did he do with the £30k I gave him to get his name off the house????? - NOTHING! He still live with his dad so he doesn't have a house to have rules in....HARRUMPH.)

I love my children, I do honest, your Honour, but the last two weeks have stretched my coping ability to and indeed beyond it's elastic limit. The final straw came this morning, when after an evening of sulking and general moodiness, my daughter said in that feeble girlie voice which to me is like fingernails down a blackboard, that maybe a haircut might cheer her up. A haircut. A fekkin' HAIRCUT. Now not a Supercuts special, but a full blown Tony and Guy.

This is the child who got Uggs for Christmas, along with over £200 of other stuff, mostly from Topshop. This is the child who does NO CHORES, does not work, or indeed contribute anything into the household, save a big dollop of stress and moodiness.

I know it's my fault - she is a creature created by me and I've let her away with bloody murder. I know I've overcompensated for the divorce and being a working mum, but. purleeeze, give me a break! I was only doing my best, by bloody doing everything and not asking the kids to do anything in return.

I know there are thousands of women out there like me - running around like blue arsed flies, trying to keep every one happy, warm and well fed. I know every year that I say 'no more, this worm has turned..' but it has only rolled over to accommodate another worm who now needs looking after. God! Here's to 2011. I'm now off to hide in the car and read the papers to get out of the sulky ones space. Phone off, R4 on. Only wish I had tinted windows so no-one could see me!



auntiegwen said...

You and me both love, want some of my gin? xxx

what happened ?how did i get HERE? said...

ooo yes please Auntie G !!xx

Taz said...

Aaah teenagers love them! Just couldn't eat a whole one.
Two hormonal girls + one hormonal crone (me) no wonder my ex left - some days I'd happily run away. :)

Irritatingly Optimistic said...

I read your post and want to thank you for making me feel normal although having a female teenager in the house rather than a male one has to be worse.

I now feel I need to go back and read more in the sake of therapy!

Happy New Year! Would you mind if I followed your blog?


AquariusGirl☆☆☆ said...

Wow you do have your hands full don't you! I have a 20 month old daughter and a teenager (aka my man...ha, ha). I end up doing pretty much everything but i'm wearing the teenager down, day by day. Although he does go and earn the pennies so I cut him some slack, occasionly. Amazing how times change, I am 29 now and was 14 when my parent split up and with two younger sisters and a single mother working full-time we all had to pull our weight. If we didn't we knew about it, my mother is a formidable character! Good luck for 2011!

PixieMum said...

Not a teenager, but our daughter is 28 and cannot understand why I suggested why these terrible parents suggested she moved out. She passed on a cold to me, I had chest and throat infection, as I suffer from COPD we ended up with out of hours doctor, steroids, antibiotics and codeine. I felt so ill, missed rellies visit as too unwell to get up.

Couple of days later daughter who has had 2 weeks off work, got up at 11.30, started to moan at her Dad and I, didn't even ask how we were.
She's a trainee solicitor, ok paid at the basic low Law Society rate, but lives here free, with use of 14 year old Corsa. The deal was she saved what she would have paid in rent, but apart from small sum in a pension there is no saving, just alcohol, ciggies, meals out, clothes.

It is very rare that she will even make us a cup of tea, screams and shouts if we ask her to muck in, perhaps clear up after a meal. OK, we are retired, but not fit. We are treated as if we are stupid, talked down to.

The only reason is that we will not push her out before April is she's running the London Marathon in memory of her school friend who died aged 27 from pancreatic cancer. We are supportive of that as she will be letting so many others down if she doesn't succeed.

After that I want her to stand on her own two feet, learn to budget, run her own household even if it means living in a less fashionable area.