Friday, 3 September 2010

read dis....looooolllll!

This is a real conversation between my daughter (who sent 4000 texts in June!!!! - another post re THAT on the way!!) and her pal, chatting about their up-coming A Level interview with the Head of Year......


"Darling Daughter: I’m not looking forward to the sixth form interview tomorrow /:

Boy Pal: inittt wtf do we say haha
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Darling Daughter: I dunno, but I'm bringing my mum with me tomorrow after she made me feel like the most horrible person on the planet :(
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Boy Pal: bring in the reinforcemntss lol i like your thinking :)
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Darling Daughter: init! My mumma will stand up for me :) after I told her about today, she weren't happy with her at all hahaha
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Boy Pal: lol same but they cant really do anyhting now cooz theyve accepted you so. they can stand back and fuck themselves :)
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Darling Daughter: Yeah, but she made me think I wasn't gunna get in, and I was like "waaaaahhh!" And then she was like "I'll let you in now go" I thought I was gunna collapse in fright hahaha :) what did she say to you??
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Boy Pal: she goes im worried bout you coz your name always comes up bla bla and she said she doesnt wsnt me to make her regret accepting me or w,ee and she wants to keep an eye on me :S
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Boy Pal:she's bare scary :/ hahaha
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Darling Daughter: init :/ she was like I don't know whether to let you in, and all I could see was me lining outside the job centre :S
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Boy Pal: loool FUCKKK tht :/ alow job centress mann / for slackerss
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Darling Daughter: I'm just well scared cause I have her for the interview too :(
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Boy Pal :ahh pissed acc im pisd to i have mrs m :/
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Darling Daughter:I like her better though
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Boy Pal: yeah but dont like either still hahah
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Darling Daughter:I'd like to have miss m actually, she's well nice to me
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Boy Pal: hahaha allow both i wanted ms psoo safe x
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Darling Daughter: I loved her, but she spoke to me like I was stupid cause I was getting D's in science, ahahhaha
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Boy Pal: shes sick alow any of the others...what if you had got mr a :O
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Darling Daughter: I like him too :) old Ms c just made me wanna curl up in a ball and cry this morning hahaha
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Boy Pal: hahahahahaahahahahah i was brickin it when i had to see her thos morning :/
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Darling Daughter: Mmmm, she made me feel so shit, and made me panic, the second I got home I went and cried to my mum hahaha! She said she wasn't sure if she was gunna let me in and I felt physically sick! :/
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Boy Pal: YOUR SOOO CUTE :P lol i felt like shit this mornin anywayss and she never helped :/ but lets jus do our best :)
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Darling Daughter: Shuup! It weren't cute! I felt like the biggest tit on the fucking planet! But yeah I deffo agree, everyone do their best :)
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Boy Pal: ‎:) adorable :P looool and yeahh butt i need to properly try hard and not flop :) SOO BAD .. im not gona fuck about at all x
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Darling Daughter: Shusssh! Same, I was saying to my mum I'm gunna do all my homework the night I get it, I'd just best stick to doing it instead of being distracted by stupid things like my cat and the telly lol
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Boy Pal: loooooooooool initt ! i need to do it :/
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Darling Daughter: I'm gunna try proper hard this year. Time to get focused on school proper!!
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Boy Pal: nerded up..neek up as rach so delicatley put it :) lol
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Darling Daughter: Lol :) what options you taking?
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Boy Pal: you? x
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Darling Daughter: art, english, sociology & classics. Art will be looooong
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Boy Pal: loool good subjects tho :)
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Darling Daughter: snap with yours, :)
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Boy Pal: mine ar quite hard tho alow I GOT FORCED IN to media and ict :S
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Darling Daughter:Yeah, but ict will be good when you're getting a job or going uni,
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Boy Pal : sposee so yeah..but same with your englishh thts so sick :)
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Darling Daughter: I'm proper happy bout english actually. I thought I got like a D cause I panicked in the exam but I got me two B's :)
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Boy Pal: thatsss sickk!
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Darling Daughter: Thanks :) politics looks well hard!
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Boy Pal: your tellin me? lol
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Darling Daughter: my 11 year old brother knows more about politics than me! : hahaha :)
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Boy Pal :probably knows miore then mee too lol
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Darling Daughter: its quite depressing haha :) he starts yr 7 on friday :)
Yesterday at 12:12am · LikeUnlike

Boy Pal: loooooool "

Well. What can I say. No spell check on Facebook, obviously. Looooooolll!!!!


auntiegwen said...

Should I be worried that I can understand it?

what happened ?how did i get HERE? said...

LOL!! as darling daughter would say/txt/PM....

I think it should count as a modern foreign language ....who need French or German when u cn spk tnagr?? Mxx

Looking for Blue Sky said...

*confesses* I text like this sometimes..

Mrs Worthington said...

For a moment there I thought Boy Pal was my own son. innit though. Grimey

Retiredandcrazy said...

Scary innit. My grandaughter and her friends write in wigger on facebook. Why? In the flesh they can actually speak quite normally.

Vanessa Kimbell said...

Oh I dread my little ones all turning into teenagers.. and they will all be so close together. .. useful insight!

Irritatingly Optimistic said...

Lol, I did get the jist of this but now have an headache!

A while back my 17 year old texted me about something and I replied with "Y". I was then chastised for one letter texting him?