Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Be Warned - I've been driven to having a Daily Mail Rant

Well. What a frikkin month I've had. Lots of tedious rubbish at work coupled with mega stresses at home. Work I can deal with - feckless parents and jobsworth colleagues. Easy. What is slightly more tricky is the ex-partner of a good friend taking him to court for a half a million. Yes - half a million pounds, to buy her a bigger house.

Now if he had half a million I wouldn't mind, but he doesn't. At least not in cash. He is a hardworking self employed builder who has put his hard earned cash into property over the last 20 years. Through the ups and downs of the property market. No pension. Just bricks and mortar. All sorted out so that once he has shuffled off this mortal coil, each child gets a property.

Him and his ex had a relationship and two kids were born. They split up before the second child was born. She has waged a campaign of hate and venom against him since the split, resulting in her not allowing any access to the kids. I won't go into the gorey details, but suffice to day she now has a police caution and harassement warning to her name. Classy.

So fast forwards 6 years and my friend is in court, having paid nearly a grand for a brief. She too is in court, having paid nothing for her barrister. He has to declare every nook and cranny of his affairs. She has submitted a page of A4 as she says she has no income.....despite having a workshop in her upstairs bedroom, churning out wedding dresses.... Hmmm. He has paid her maintence and paid his dues via the CSA, but she want more. More! Half a fekkin million more!!!!

She, get this, WANTS HIM TO BUY HER A BIGGER HOUSE. She has a house, with enough bedrooms, but just wants a bigger one. And she has been allowed to pursue this with the help of our very generous legal aid system.

Not fair!!! I rage against this!!! Apart from all the obvious stuff re the kids and access and fairness, what makes my blood boil is that she lets us, the so called sisterhood, down. How brazen is she, working and claiming benefits, rubbing all us hardworking lone mothers' noses in it?

But, and I know this, there are many more like this woman, dishonestly claiming poverty and living off the rest of us.

She has no shame. She has a house, which the state has paid for for the last 10 years. She has a talent, for which she could earn a legitimate wage, but chooses not to.

They are due back in court in October. I'll keep you posted.