Wednesday, 2 June 2010


I'm back! Again!!

Well Ican't believe it's been almost two (!) months since I last posted. LOADS to report! A wedding (not mine - purleese, have you not been paying attention!), a very eventful few weeks in work, GCSEs, discovering my ex hub HAS A SECRET FACEBOOK ACCOUNT !!!(immediately jumping to the conclusion that he has a secret identity or at the very least is probably dogging OR swinging, or both....hmm! ), the fights with my daughter over her prom dress - erm , micro-dress/wide belt. Well, when it's written down it looks a bit less,erm, interesting, BUT I've lived it and believe you me it been a rollercoster. lovely man has practically moved in.....feck! I've now got to listen to R4 ON FEKKIN HEADPHONES in bed so I don't wake him up too early!!! AAAAAAAAAGGGGGH!

Will write more soon! Ciao!