Sunday, 11 April 2010

yee har, alone again, almost!

The children have gone to their fathers for the week. I dropped them off on Friday evening and roared off to a child free week of bliss.....!

Now that might sound a bit harsh, but as much as I love my kids, I love them a bit more when they are away. It is sheer bliss to just sit, and not have to get up to find things, prepare meals, gather washing, load and unload dishwasher. I know that this will sound a bit odd, but my week would be even better if my lovely man was away too. I love him, but he drives me mad. I joked that I should get carers allowance for him - I laughed, he didn't. He likes to know what I'd doing. He pops in for cups of tea at various times during the day. He even wanted me to go on a bike ride with him and his son today! He couldn't understand that I just wanted to be by myself and potter round the house and garden.

Is is such a crime to want to potter round my own house? To do a bit of knitting, sort out my bits of fabric that I might one day make into a quilt? To feck about in the garden, sort out my recycling bins, hang some washing, listen to Poetry Please on R4?

I work full time so very rarely get time to potter. My lovely man does not get pottering. He has to be on the go all the time - it is exhausting....and I feel so guilty!

Am I wasting the day as he sees it? Or am I being sensible, recharging my batteries, helping to hold onto my sanity....or what is left of it?

Anyhoo, I'm making the most of the time I have left to myself today - my lovely man has just texted me, suggesting a walk along the river after tea. Hmmm, is there no escape!?