Saturday, 20 March 2010

Yet another list....! Ten of my favourite things.....

Thank you Whoopsy Daisy for tagging me.

Well....the current ten no particular order, except of course my kids will always come first!!!

My two children. More specifically, the smell of my two children, especially after they get out of the bath. Yum.

Knitting. And making things in general. I learned to knit when I was a small child. My mother was a compulsive knitter and the five of us spent our pre-teen years wearing my mothers creations. One particular hideous creations was a red and grey balaclava that I had to wear to school in the winter. My mother wasted nothing and would unravel the stuff we grew out of to make something else....My mother also like to sew, and again, managed to dress her 5 kids on a very tight budget. My poor older sisters cringe when looking at photos of themselves - wearing, and I kid you not, dresses made out of my mothers old 'A' line skirts. Yes. She just cut two holes in the side and a bit of random non-matching material to make a neckline and inflicted these garments on her two girls. I remember she also made us pinafores out of a big piece of petrol blue leatherette. We went around like three church bells, as the bloody leatherette was tough upholstery grade, for covering chairs. Hmm.

Cooking, or baking more specifically. I popped a choccy cake in the oven just before I started this post. Hmm, smells lovely. And, Betty Crocker frosting - fab, turns a simple sponge into, well, a better sponge. Yum again.

My lovely man, who rescued me after my divorce and gave me back my groove, if ya know what I mean girls....

Charity shops, as in the past 3 months I've bought £500 worth of curtains for less than £40 AND fab Joseph coat for £12.50. Result!!

My job. Hours of entertainment at the expense of the great unwashed. Harsh but true.

Radio 4.....glorious. And the ARCHERS! And Fags, Mags and Bags...hillarious.

How many is this so far? Um, 3 more to go....

My sisters. Fab and great fun. They keep me grounded and bring me back to earth when I get a bit above myself. 'Remember I wiped your arse for a year' is a regular refrain from big sis number 1. And she did - being 10 years older!

John Lewis - more specifically the wool and fabrics bit, with the homewares coming in a closed second. I've spend many happy hours in the Kingston branch. Just touching and feeling the fabrics. Yes weird I know, but I don't care.

And........BLOGGING!! Love it, love reading all the blogs I follow and I love love love when you guys leave comments. However, I could do without the weird Chinese comments. I cut and pasted the one on my most recent post into bable fish and it was pretty rude!! Hugely entertaining though.

So who's next??? Moannie? Auntie Gwen???


auntiegwen said...

Thank you darlin, I'll get that done, watching the rugby and it's the only one where I don't care which team wins. Hope all's well in your world and I'd love a lovely man to give me my groove back (wonder if I can get one in John Lewis!)

Whoopsie Daisy said...

my mother also had the same liking to making clothes for us... awful memories and thankfully- no photos!
good list ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for memes-so I shall have a go, though didn't I do one something like this not so long ag...? Shall have to create some kind of index. I keep getting ideas and then find I'm quoting myself. Tsk tsk! Hazelmere? [family word for Alzheimers]

veri word: nerility [a branch of seniliy?]