Thursday, 11 February 2010

Ten things that happened to me this week

1. I discovered that my 16 year old daughter had had sex with her boyfriend in my house when I was out.
2. I took one of the mothers from the infants school to an emergency psychiatric outpatient clinic as she was having delusions.
3. I produced a detailed plan on how to improve life for the residents on the local estate where I am based. In an hour.
4. I had my wing mirror kicked off. Feckers.
5. I had my wing mirror fixed. Expensive Feckers.
6. I worked last Friday evening at our local community college youth club. Till 10pm.
7. I worked Saturday at the Dads club that I run, hence being out of the house when 1. occured.
8. I discovered that I am not at all cool with 16 year olds having sex in my house. In fact I am a total stiff about it.
9. I realised that my daughter is a virtual stranger to me and holds me and my views on sex in total contempt. Hard one, that, to get your head round.
10. I realised that having worked a full week and experienced all of the above, I am entitled to tell all and sundry to FECK OFF and leave me alone.

I realise that this is not a particularly exciting list, but believe you me, this is just the tip of a very large iceberg. And it's not even Friday.

ps: My darling son has now gone down with a virus, so I am doing the whole mummy thing AND trying to work from home.....fielding calls about all sorts from work, none of which I can do anything about, stuck here as I am!!!! However, good news is that my ex's dad will have my boy this afternoon, freeing me up to run an arts and crafts session from 3pm for 14 families AND a meeting with the police at 5pm about God knows what - I've totally forgotten and it was ME who called the meeting!!!!!!

I hear the merlot calling, calling, calling.......

pps: my wonderful sister has volunteered to have my daughter for the half term!!! Hurrah! My lovely boy is still at his dads and my lovely boyfriend is away for the night so I AM TOTALLY ALONE. I cannot tell you how wonderful this feels, even if the house is a tip and I've loads of work to catch up on! Just waiting till after The Archers (Phil RIP, boo hoo) to have a glass of merlot. In my PJs!!