Sunday, 17 January 2010


Well, all started out fine on Friday night. Me and my lovely man arranged to meet our friends for a few beers and a catch up. Had 2 glassses of wine in the first pub - we had to leave as it was too noisy! Definitely over forty!! Trotted along to the next pub where we had over the course of 2 hours, another 4 drinks each.
I was totally pissed and staggered home at midnight. Now, I've been out many nights and had either the same amount or more and not felt as drunk. Why is this? Maybe the wine in the second pub was very strong?

Am I deluding myself and to have 6 drinks over 5 hours is too much?? Anyhoo, I spent all of yesterday either in bed or throwing up! My God, how embarassing is that? I even, to my shame, chucked up as I drove the car home yesterday evening, and again into the newspaper as I waited for a train!!!!

I'm sure I'm on CCTV somewhere and will no doubt star in a cable TV show - 'Women who Hurl in Public - shocking footage from public transport'......!

So, here I am, still slightly green about the gills, feeling a bit foolish. I've also got a very large bruise on my thigh where I fell over taking off my trousers!!!

I have now decided to give up the booze and stick to soft drinks. Watch this (very sober) space!!