Monday, 14 December 2009

Teenagers # 2 and rats under the floorboards

My darling daughter was 16 last week. In addition to a birthday meal at Pizza Express - £115, my mother sent her £50 and I gave her £100, along with two Topshop vouchers from my friends for £ a trip to the cinema for 8 friends costing £60 ....
Now, in my book, that seems like a pretty good deal, for a 16 year old.....not in her books I'm afraid.

She was 'annoyed' (!) that she had only £100 to spend from me as she thought it was 'gonna be £200', God spare me, but in my book, she should've been delighted....I spend less on my weekly shop in Tesco for God's sake!!

In addition to the above, several of her friends stayed over on saturday night after the flicks. She had a fit when I insisted that the boys slept downstairs and the girls upstairs. In fact she had a complete strop and hissy fit about this. When, at 1am I asked (!) the kids to settle down and go to sleep, she went mad (quietly - hissing at me through clenched train tracks...) and refused to switch off the video thing in her room.

Holy God, what have I raised? Her behaviour is outrageous - I would never have behaved like this to my mum. Am I such a useless mother that she thinks it's ok to behave like this? Now, there was no drugs, or booze or sex or really bad behaviour at the weekend, but should I be grateful for this and ignore her disrespectful behaviour?

One of her friends mothers rang me before the sleepover to check all was ok and that they we actually going to be at my house. To be honest I was astounded that one of the parents had actually phoned - I do as a matter of course, but to date just one other mum has called me to check the arrangments for a sleepover. Her daugher is as horrible as mine - and I'm ashamed to tell you all but both me and this other mum hid in our wardrobes, doors shut to chat as our darling daughters were on Stasi patrol listening to our conversation!!!

I used to read that teenagers column in the Guardian and think - ha, what a useless lefty liberal mother, unable to manage her kids and allowing them to walk all over her. Hmm, well that smug attitude has come back to bite me on the arse!!

Anyhow, her dad has been great and has agreed with me that she is grounded till Christmas eve.
He is coming over tomorrow night to talk to her (!) and set out some very basic expectations around her behaviour.

I am so depressed about this! I work full time and have another younger child ...God I am so feeble! To be honest I am so pissed off with her I am very afraid that if I loose it with her, I won't be able to stop and it will really end in tears.

I usually try and find the funny side of life, but living with a teenage girl has defeated my funny bone.....

Oh, and to cap all that I've got a rat, and it's (them! eurrrgh!!) scrabbling about under my floor and in the blocked up chimney breast in my kitchen. I've put poison down ( forget humane killing - they are fekkin vermin) and blocked up all the holes.

Hmm,horrible teenagers or scrabbley rats...hard choice really.not sure which is worse!This might send me over the edge....but in the meantime ...bring on the merlot....!