Saturday, 14 November 2009


2. Unmade beds...even if the person says they are letting it air...hmm...
3. People who leave dirty dishes in a basin in the sink and then let it fill with dirty water!!!!
4. Crumbs from the toaster on the worksurface...
5. Spitting in the street!
6. Eating in the street!!!!
7. Children who have to have a drink every 5 minutes when out and about, God forbid they might get de-hydrated!!!
8. People who eat smelly food in a public place LIKE THE BUS and then LEAVE THE WRAPPINGS ON THE SEAT WHEN THEY GET OFF SAID BUS!!!!!!!!!!
9. Reliant Robin drivers who think driving at 20 MPH in rush hour is acceptable.....
10. People who don't rinse the bath after using it.....

You might have guessed that I've had a particularly trying week.

11. Fekkin rugger buggers who clog up the roads with their 4x4's and STOP ME GOING ABOUT MY LAWFUL BUSINESS IN THE MIDDLE OF A SATURDAY!!!!!
12. Women of a certain age, who should know better, wearing rugby shirts. Purleese!!

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Why women blog....

I read India Knight's article in the Sunday times with interest. I consider myself a 'mummy blogger', but whoa, after reading Ms Knight's piece, I feel distinctly unglam and pretty boring!!
I tend to blog randomly about stuff in general that either bugs me or makes me laugh. I've no set pattern or timetable. I also blog in secret.....I'd be mortified if anyone I knew actually read the blog!

I've just registered with this ad thing - you can see them popping up on the blog page. I was curious to see if I could actually earn any money to add to the very empty pot that is my bank fact I'm overdrawn in every account I have AND I owe £600 to the OU. Yikes! Aren't some of the ads pretty mad! Let's see how much rubbish, tat and general bonkersness I'm asked to advertise!!

So the blog really reflects the kind of person I am....random, no planning or structure and failing to make any decent money!!