Sunday, 5 July 2009


Lying in bed this morning with my lovely man, I asked him to say something romantic and nice about me that he liked. "You don't have a fat arse", was his considered reply. Now, I know I don't have a fat bottom, being 5 foot 4 and 8 and a half I asked him again. He looked at me as if I was mad - " Wasn't that nice enough?". Not really, I said. "What about something a bit more, erm, positive?" Like what? Well, like you have lovely bum. "That's what I said " he replied now sounding exasperated. Hmm. I decided to leave this topic as it would eventually lead to me in a big moody snit and him even more exasperated and cross. Lesson learned? Don't ask for an ego boost from a man who thinks saying you don't have a fat arse is being romantic.


Anonymous said...

JP says, 'You look lovely' but he also says 'Do something with your face,woman.' He says, 'I love you in that top, sweater, scarf...'and he says, 'You're not going out like that are you?' and later 'Ah!Beautiful.' JP says it as he sees it...I have learned not to be hurt at the bad, and to take compliments gladly.

auntiegwen said...

You shouldn't have asked a man !

Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious!