Wednesday, 22 July 2009

12 random things

1. I am 44 and a size 8-10.
2. My hair is dyed, but naturally curly...I have never had a perm...unlike my poker-haired sisters.
3. My ex husband divorced me for unreasonable behaviour....I thought he was a BASTARD at the time, but, he was probably right in retrospect. I was a terrible wife.
4. Sex is a zillion times better in your 40s. Especially with a man who is not your husband (or any one elses in case you were wondering...)
5. Red wine IS a vitamin.
6. I should've married for money, not love.
7. I just want to stay at home and be a full time mummy and have a clean and tidy home.
8. I am terrible with money, hence cannot afford to be 7 above.
9. However, if I had done 6, then I probably could've been a 7..
10. I am the tallest female in my family and I'm 5'4".
11.I love lists.
12. The keeping of guinea pigs and 3 legged cats should be a criminal offence.


Anonymous said...

I'm so relieved about point 4. Because frankly, in my 30s, it's crap.

what happened ?how did i get HERE? said...

Yep, it gets better! Lots to do with having older kids....being a mum to young kids and having a great sex life just don't mix!! Also. I am a lot less self concious of my body and just feel better in my 40's....hang on in there!! mxx

Anonymous said...

4's a zero at 74...

Elaine said...

4? What's that?

dulwich divorcee said...

I can confirm 4 is much better in the 40s! Well, there have to be some compensations ....Very envious of the size 8-10, I feel ginormous after a summer of peanuts

auntiegwen said...

ooh, we are so alike, I'm 43 and same size but only 5ft 3

and as for no 4, absofeckinlutely !!!!!!!

and no 5 and 6 and 11

Gabriel said...

There's nothing unreasonable about being a bastard. Great blog