Saturday, 28 March 2009

I'm back!

Hello all. I've not blogged for a while as I've been very busy. Busy doing what exactly it's hard to say, but working full time, 'parenting' a very tricky teen (i.e NOT killing her when she rolls her eyes at me for the zillionth time..), doing a part-time (!) degree with the OU and keeping various small animals alive seem to have taken up all my time. I've also managed to get trapped into agreeing to sit on the summer fete committee again. Holy God in the feck did this happen again I hear myself scream ...(Edvard Munch anyone?)... I think I'm still suffering from PTSD from the coconut episode at last years fete, never mind the grotto/police/santa incident the year before....

The chair of the committee has suggested, truly, that we book a circus. A CIRCUS. Now, in my humble opinion, a school fete usually involves a raffle, dodgy burgers, a nun/priest (catholic school remember), various stalls selling crap, teachers getting pissed and a crackly tannoy. No live animals, certainly not lions or tigers, or women in spangly leotards hanging from a trapeeze.
The next committee meeting is on Wednesday - I shall keep you posted.

Other news. My ex-husband has just split from his girlfriend and is now spending a lot of time in my, I repeat MY house. I thought the whole point of divorce was that you saw less of each other? And maybe I was wrong, but paying him 30K to get his name off the deeds was my way so saying FECK OFF NOW.... hmm. Maybe this will tip me over the edge.... I am quite sad as I really liked his girlfriend, she was funny and interesting, and she had cankles, so I always felt good standing next to her (meow - I know,I know...)

Get this - how far has the modern family come - he has given his ex girlfriend (her) his ex-wife's (me) mobile number so we, not him, can organise contact for her kids (not his) and my kids (his) to keep in touch. Hmm. Again, I'll keep you posted.