Sunday, 4 January 2009


1. Stop swearing in the car.
2. Stop shouting at other drivers.
3. Say something nice to at least one person per day, and actually mean it.
4. Stop shreiking about stuff like the state of the house/guinea pigs/bedrooms/garden as I walk through the door from work.
5. Greet my kids and ask them how their day as been, instead of shouting about what they heck they've been doing since coming home from school and why they've eaten all the biscuits/crisps/nice yoghurts.
6. Keep control of my eyebrows.
7. Have more sex.
8. Take up Pilates. Or something. Not just talk about it.
9. Make curtains. Fully lined. And hang them up, properly.
10. Chill out and stop stressing about points 1-9.


auntiegwen said...

I think the world would be e better place if most of us did these.

Although I'm not casting aspersions on your eyebrows, I'm sure they're grand

And personally I'm not fussed about curtains, sure, they just stop nosy neighbours peering in at the mess my house is perpetually in !

scrappysue said...

admirable list, i should really be doing 1 through 6 or 7 at least too

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

l think would fit most of us..well written and now for the hardest part doing it!!

Anonymous said...

Now that is a long list of crimes that we all are, or have been [yonks ago] guilty of. Don't take 'em all at once, one a week is better and see how it goes.
You know... I have come to a few conclusions...and one of them is,don't worry about the details; dust settles back two seconds after shifting, shouting a bit doesn't break bones, and to quote Shirley Conran[I think] 'Life's to short to peel mushrooms.' That may have been paraphrased but you get my drift.

cheerfulmistakes said...

Haha!! Stumbled across your blog whilst procrastinating yesterday, and now here I am commenting on it (still procrastinating!) to say I love it. You're really funny :) Thanks for following me back by the way :)

what happened ?how did i get HERE? said...

Thanks my usual way, I have done NONE of the things I said I'd do, apart from reigning in my brows....I quite enjoy swearing in the car, and I feel much better after a good rant and a big one of those primal screamers of old....although I try and not use bad language when ny 9 yr old is with me..especially when he asked if I had my 'swearing head' on or my 'mummy head' on as we got into the car last week....hmmmm...out of the mouthof babes etc....

DulwichDivorcee said...

Hi there, love the list, very proud as I have done my pilates today. My eyebrows are now so unruly that they look as though they are having sex - does that count as two?? DDx

Help4mums said...

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Thames said...

Lists are great. I need to write one.

Working mum said...

Make curtains!!? Life's too short!

Like the others - but why are half of them related to speaking (or shrieking!)? :)

Combining 7 and 8 could be fun!

WM x