Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday Blues!

I hate Sunday evenings. Particularly November ones. I love Friday afternoons...hmm...what does this tell me? I need to get my work life balance right....My problem is that I give my all to the job and I then have very little left for me, or to my shame, the children. Another wasted weekend when I could've sorted out the house ! Hence the feeling of failure and wasted opportunities on Sunday night! Another week of household chaos!

When I started this blog it was to get me going and keep me focussed on having more fun in my life. Well, passing my driving test helped enormously - have been driving on my own - the most scary, liberating thing I have ever done! The job I do is interesting, challenging and great fun....but I've not yet found a way to keep a bit of me separate if you know what I mean. The house is a tip, the fridge a health hazard and I can't even beging to tackle upstairs...never mind the pile of ironing that keeps growing. Any suggestions? How do all of you bloggers keep on top of your life? Do you? I am a great procrastinator, always have been, why not put off to next year what you could do today...hmm. So I'm writing this instead of tidying up or getting the kids supper. Help!!


BarbaraS said...

It's a universal problem, not confined to those who're out working either ;)

I just let it get bad, have a blow-out, clean it up, swear blind never to let it get that bad again, and then let it get bad. Houses are for living in, not for looking at...

I love my word verification: sliblodo

Retiredandcrazy said...

I got rich enough to get a cleaner and get my sanity back!

auntiegwen said...

I gave up watching telly, that allows me to blog but my ex husband pops round and does my ironing (god's honest truth, I'm just about to blog about that very topic !!!!)

dysfunctional, who me ?

Cathy said...

Hello there
I have to agree with barbaras: its universal,you don't have to be working to 'enjoy' it lol
Don't suffer it - find some way to see 'art' in the ever growing pile of ironing or hang the clothes unironed and then iron when needed.
You'd be surprised at how much can be smoothed and folded or hung and not ironed at all
That would then give you more time to blog or other enjoyments:)
Take care

ps congrats on passing your test

Anonymous said...

Don't iron for a start, unless it is absolutely an obligation, like school shirts, all other items if smoothed and folded can be put away. Give one whole day over to cleaning, vac, dusting. Insist that tables vanities, shelves etc. be cleared on that day or will not be dusted.Buy in bulk and cook and freeze dinners for the week.
If children are old enough they must help, make it a game and reward them.

Or, better yet, keep up the good work. Keep blogging and get in a commercial cleaning firm when it is bad enough.

what happened ?how did i get HERE? said...

Thank you ladies!! I am psyching myself up to tackle the pile of ironing, that will not now be ironed, but folded away...anyhoo, the weather is rubbish, and how can any intelligent woman be expected to tidy up when it's raining....?! Very impressed with your ex, auntie gwen...