Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Ok. The Halloween disco didn't happen for all sorts of reasons....mostly me, being the chair, not organising the bloody thing in time. So we are 2 months into the school year and around £500 down on our cash raising target. God, Catholic schools...no wonder the Church is a global force...hmm. On a positive note, I've finally given up the chairs position....someone actually volunteered to take on the mantle! Hillarious - I gave in gracefully and mentally legged it out the door. However,I have, against my better judgement, agreed to stay on as a year 5 parent rep. The new chair is quite mad and desperate to (and I quote...) "TRAILBLAZE NEW FUNDING AVENUES!!" Her capitalisation, my exclaimation marks.....ooh, lots of future blog posts here I feel....!

We had our first committee meeting tonight. How can 6 adults spend over an hour arguing over charging £2.50 or (HORRORS!!! )£3 for a visit to Santa and a free photo? We finally agreed on £2.50. Sheesh!

I have volunteered to be a little helper for the grotto. Bouncer more like as it's the junior disco - morbidly obese 10 year old boys grappling with our Santa over the present barrel (yes this did happen last year, ended when the local copper who had come to judge the disco stepped in and threatened to arrest us all, including Santa....). Hey ho!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Baby P - Shame on you Haringey

It's happened again. Another child has lost it life in a cruel and horrible way. We've had the usual handwringing from the top brass in the borough - shame on you Harringey, how could you let this happen again?

Being a fairly normal person, I assumed that most people will behave decently and those who do not, will have their behaviour curtailed by society. How wrong I was! How can it be that we allow a 17 month old child to die in the most awful circumstances, despite being on the child protection register? How can a doctor not spot a broken spine? How can hightly educated professionals not spot that the child's bruses disappeared when he was apart from his mum for a month, but, hey presto, reappeared when he was returned home? How can 3 adults be so sadistic as to allow this child to be bitten by a dog or to swallow its own tooth or have its top lip torn away from its 17 month old face? Where were the neighbours, the decent local coppers, the health visitors, the staff at social services, the other adults in this childs life when he needed them most?

What is most shaming is that it appears that all the work done since the terrible death of Victoria Climbie has not prevented this latest death. How must her parents be feeling?

I hope that Haringey will not squirm out of this one and that heads will roll. Otherwise what will be the legacy of this particular childs death, except corporate handwringing and a few formal warnings?

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sunday Blues!

I hate Sunday evenings. Particularly November ones. I love Friday afternoons...hmm...what does this tell me? I need to get my work life balance right....My problem is that I give my all to the job and I then have very little left for me, or to my shame, the children. Another wasted weekend when I could've sorted out the house ! Hence the feeling of failure and wasted opportunities on Sunday night! Another week of household chaos!

When I started this blog it was to get me going and keep me focussed on having more fun in my life. Well, passing my driving test helped enormously - have been driving on my own - the most scary, liberating thing I have ever done! The job I do is interesting, challenging and great fun....but I've not yet found a way to keep a bit of me separate if you know what I mean. The house is a tip, the fridge a health hazard and I can't even beging to tackle upstairs...never mind the pile of ironing that keeps growing. Any suggestions? How do all of you bloggers keep on top of your life? Do you? I am a great procrastinator, always have been, why not put off to next year what you could do today...hmm. So I'm writing this instead of tidying up or getting the kids supper. Help!!