Tuesday, 8 July 2008

So, this PTA thing grinds on. Met with the head and the caretaker today to put, what they thought, were the final touches to the arrangements. In reality, we have one volunteer for the 'smash a plate stand' and two mad facepainters. Hmmmm. Have just drafted yet another 'Greetings from your PTA!!!!" letter to go home by pupil post tomorrow. ( the number of exclaimation marks per letter indicate my level of hysteria) I may as well just chuck 300 pieces of A paper straight into the recycling unread, as that's where they're going anyway. Unread.
Anyhoo, to other matters. My quest for fun goes on, unabashed. I spent a very pleasent aftenoon with two coppers scouting the ward for potential youth venues. Well, what an interesting afternoon! Never let it be said that young people lack things to do. Quite the opposite...if you count having sex in fields, drinking VAST quatitities of blue WKD, smoking, graffiting and riding mini mortobikes.
The police are trying to do their best against pretty impossible odds....PARENTS. There is no such thing as a bad child, just crap parents. Glib it may be, but oh so true. Signing off now...have 2 hour driving lesson, open day at son's school, 8 hours at work and a junior boxing club to run tomorrow. And it's only Wednesday....zzzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

PTAs - oh my god, good luck. I was chair of the school board (a Scottish thing, almost-but-not-quite Governors cum PTA) for several years. Have vowed to do the body swerve at every opportunity now they're at High School. I now consider I do my duty by blogging and this is my contribution to the life of the school; whether the Head sees it like that or not is another matter entirely.

Karen said...

LOL - our PTA is called "Friends of...(insert school name here). Same difference though...However, we are friends by name and friends by nature, which means you'd think it would be easy to get loads of people involved. In reality it's easier to get blood out of a stone. Good luck with your ventures, will be following closely. p.s. thanks for stopping by the blog by the way.