Tuesday, 29 July 2008

It's 12.53 am. Radio 4 burbles in the background. Darling son fast asleep, all hot and sweaty, gripping onto Ted, his lifejacket in the stormy sea that is sleep...Neither me not Teenage daughter can settle to sleep ... She pondering, I imagine, the reasons for her grounding....(more likely watching BB103)...Me frantically wodnering where it all went wrong..

She's been grounded for 'misuse of IT' (her fathers words). Getting a boy to strip on webcam via MSN (my words). Reader, I was speachless when I stumbled upon this piece of information. She is 14. He not much older. How has it come to this? She goes to the best school in the town (catholic..)..and, well, is 14 BLOODY YEARS OF AGE!! I am horrified at her blase attitude to this 'incident'. She should be MORTIFIED, as I would have been...but as I was a 70's teenager this never would've happened. Telex was about as hight tec as it got...Is it me or has the world gone mad? Sex is EVERYWHERE. There is very little that they know at 14 - I truly didn't know what the initials BJ stood for, let alone imagined doing 'that' eurrrgh!? Tits and arses abound. Even M &S have gone raunchy. I never thought I'd say this, but bring back some kind of decorum please! Put them away love, we really don't want them in our face thanks very much.

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auntiegwen said...

Empathy, empathy, your auntie sends you tons of it.

As a teacher of teenagers and a mummy of a 16 year old daughter , I truly understand where you're coming from. They have such a casual attitude to sex, it's almost a recreational hobby in itself.

It scares the feck out of me, I am one of the last generation of good girls, if you had sex as a teen, you were a slag, they don't think like that any more