Saturday, 12 July 2008

Fun. 'Something that provides mirth or amusement'. ... Fun I have had this week - hmm, not very much. Can you class your ex hub forgetting present for his new girlie (trendy top - had a look in the bag - Muji as it happens..) as fun? Well I had 2 minutes pleasure then 15 minutes fuming at how much he spent on the top, then remembered that it didn't matter and that girlfriend is actually quite nice and felt happy again...
Spent all day yesterday on the housing estate where I work the 'Food from around the world' stall at the annual 'fun' day. Fun -it's EVERYWHERE if you choose to look. The residents of this particulr estate get hours of fun from drinking Lambrini, smoking Superkings and generally ignoring their many offspring. All of whom come to school stinking of fags and with a cheese string and a couple of jaffa cakes in their lunchboxes...I kid you not. Spend a chilly (July!) 5 hours watching well meaning staff and local church members tryng to engage local, disinterested people - the kids were great - got stuck in and had a great time with the bouncy boxing and sumo wrestling...while their parents drank the stuff they'd won on the tombola and spent some of their giro money on the horrible is like Shameless without the Manc accents or the happy endings. Grinding poverty and boredom relived by a bottle of booze for the price of a raffle ticket. Do I sound judgemental? Yes I bloody do - ask any professional who has spent time amongst the class serviced by the services - police, social, welfare and courts...and they will tell the same story. Poor people having too many kids on too few resources. Free housing, free milk, free anything begats freeloaders. Harsh but true. 'Too late for the parents, but maybe we can save the kids'...this is the basis of the govts child poverty strategy...worthy, but ultimately pointless. It's too late for these kids even before they are concieved.


tea and cake said...

Hi, I just popped over from my blog to visit you! Thanx for your comments. And, I sooo agree with what you're saying here. Esp, having been part of that social welfare network! Do pop over again sometime, cheers, Karen

Anonymous said...

First of all, thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. They are like stardust, or finding an extra present under the Christmas tree or a surprise kiss just as you are withdrawing your face.

Your posts touched me in a number of ways even though there must be almost forty years between us. your love for your kids that shines so strongly through your writing, your dedication to the work you do, so admirable and so thankless; as you say, most of the kids are doomed before they are born and you know it is going to continue the spiral of benifits and poverty of spirit.

But you also have a funny bone, and laughter IS the best medicine.
I shall be back.