Thursday, 10 July 2008

Ex hub has kids every Wednesdy night at mine. Ex hub is a good father. Ex hub likes routine and an orderly house. On his watch, both kids are fed, washed and in bed by 9pm....which is when he leaves and I get home. He gives me his report on the kids, as if we were nurses going on and off shift...'ate tea at 5, bath at 6 and bowels opened 6.30 etc..' He goes, door clicks shut...and we all wait .... Then both kids spring out of bed, lights, TV, computer go on and I rush to the bathroom to put my face on and off I go to the pub with lovely boyfriend. Ex hub knows nothing of this and goes home a happy contented man, knowing he has done his fatherly duty. Who am I to shatter his self image..!He has never wondered why I make sure he has his tube pass, umbrella etc - He thinks I care...I'm just worried that he'll pop back and find the house hopping and me gone to pub...thus proving what a bad mother I really am and how right he was to divorce me! The quest for fun goes on...unimpeded by ex hub...!!

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auntiegwen said...

Thanks for joining me, sorry you got me on such a bad day, I'm usually a real Pollyanna type but a bit edgier and with more wrinkles !

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