Monday, 7 July 2008

A big part of the 'injecting more fun into my life' plan is passing my driving test. I am embarassed to admit that I cannot drive...well, I CAN drive, but not legally. I have spent thousands of pounds, never mind thousands of hours driving round and round in duel control cars with strangers. Some of whom were very strange indeed first instructor had what my dad would call a 'gunner eye'..very off putting when looking straight at me AND the wing mirror at the same time... weird...! After her (lessons abandoned when I was unable to fit behind the wheel being about 15 months pregnant at the time..), came Stuart. He was small, smelly and had the most incredible teeth... they looked as if they were made of wood. Parallel parking in a mini metro was challenging enough without being up close and personal with Les Pattersons younger brother...eurrghh..
Next came a small redheadded man, who was very angry all the time...with me, his wife, the car, the road...everything and anything really that came into his orbit. Two lessons and I was off...hard to drive and fear for your life at the same time, and not feel agrived at paying for the pleasure into the bargain! Then came Ian, a pop eyed balding bloke who guzzled red bull through out each lesson. Scary. Up next was an indian lady who filled the car with students, not wanting to waste time actually dropping any of us home between lessons. I considered taking sandwiches...and it was a micra...
My current instructor is great...a big, bluff Dub who punctuates lessons with shouts of 'Holy Jaysus, what the f*%£k was that!!" and has made it his lifes work (no pressure!)to get me through the test. I am about to book my first for over 5 years in early September...I'll keep you posted...!

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